Door systems. To meet every aspiration.

Athmer has developed and produced automatic door seals for more than 60 years. Experience, consistent innovative spirit and an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer orientation made the company into a technology leader.

Athmer offers the right solution for practically every type of application - for both new builds and renovation projects. In addition to automatic door seals for acoustic, smoke and fire doors, the range also includes seals for radiation protection doors and for doors with extreme gaps between the door and the floor, and also up-to-the-minute finger protection systems.

Athmer accompanies their customers from the initial idea right up to installation. This process focusses on developments such as the trend towards barrier-free installations as well as on costing certainty and sustainability.

“Athmer inside” - this applies for doors in the German Chancellor’s office, in the luxury Adlon Hotel in Berlin or in Burj al Arab in Dubai. But not just there - Athmer systems for sealing doors and finger protection are also found in numerous nursery schools, hospitals, schools and office buildings in Europe and all over the world.

Whether for processors or dealers, industrial companies or architectural or planning offices, facility managers and privately run institutions - customers opt for Athmer products since they are dependable and sustainable and are geared to meeting individual requirements. Athmer is also appreciated as a fair business partner with a strong service focus.