Athmer finger protection systems have been preventing injuries for thirty years by effectively reducing the risk of fingers becoming accidentally trapped in doors.


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Every day occur unnecessary accidents with unsafe doors. With Athmer finger protection inadvertently trapping fingers between door leaf and frame can be avoided. Numerous architects, installer and building owner rely on Athmer finger guards since years due to the additional and reliable safety like in kindergartens, schools or health care centers.


Plan and offer safety for doors with Athmer Fingerschutz® - the proven protection system for more than 30 years!.


Athmer developed with the NR-32 UniSafe a new and universal useable finger protection system which is  convincing due to its unique design, improved safety and many additional features.


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following the EN 16654

The proven Athmer finger protection products fulfill this standard with his product family of finger protectors 

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design optimised

Protective profiles for doors without rebate

optimised design of profile

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System Solution Glas

system for glass doors, for retrofitting

A combination of Athmer finger protection NR-30 or NR-25 and a new profile on the hinge side for glass doors

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Protects little children’s hands

 The HS-25 safeguards the main closing edge of doors and protects fingers from becoming trapped in the door. It also prevents the door from being accidentally slammed shut.

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BA-28 + BA-22

Protective system for surface-fixed hinges

For every application the right solution

Suitable for universal hinges on metal doors and PVC-U-doors. No extra material necessary.


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Athmer Fingerschutz® NR-30

Athmer Fingerschutz® NR-30 TOOLBOX for a quicker and time saving installation.

Within a few steps to a fully mounted NR-30 finger protection system

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Finger trap protection in child daycare centres

Since children have better things to do

Children have better things to do than think of their own safety -they are too busy eagerly exploring their surroundings andexpressing their creativity.At their age, children are scarcely aware of the dangers in theirenvironment and are unable to recognise potential hazards.

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Athmer Finger Protection

for automatic doors in accordance with EN16005

Power-operated doors must open and close in safely in order to ensure safety in use. The German DIN 18650 standard and the European EN 16005 standard stipulates that potential crushing and shearing hazards must be identified and eliminated.

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Athmer Finger protection

for fire doors

Athmer finger protection systems are suitable for use with fire doors and smoke protection doors. The door manufacturer must approved the finger protection and have it included in the general building inspectorate approval. Athmer supports the door manufacturer with this procedure. 


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