always at the state of the art – now TÜV- / GS- certified following the EN 16654

now TÜV- / GS- certified following the EN 16654

Due to their age children are not aware of dangers in their environment and they are unable to recognise potential hazards. This is the reason of serious accidents with trapped fingers between the door and the frame. To avoid such unnecessary accidents there are many finger protection products on the market – all on different quality levels.  

To achieve a common safety level for child protective products the current standard EN 16654 – 

Child protective products - Consumer fitted finger protection devices for doors – was released. This standard describes safety requirements and test methods for finger protection devices which could be used on internal swing doors. 

The proven Athmer finger protection products fulfill this standard with his product family of finger protectors (NR-25, NR-26, NR-30, NR-38) and the HS-25 for the main closing edge.

Based on the EN 16654 the Athmer products were intensively tested and 3rd party certified by the TÜV-Rhineland.

Content of the testing process was: 

  • The protective function of the product
  • The durability 
  • The usage und functionality in a child friendly surrounding 

Additional TÜV-Rhineland tested and approved that the Athmer finger protection products are free of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons following the requirements of the German commission of product safety (AfPS GS 2004).   

Offer safety – use tested product quality from Athmer!

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