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Athmer - securely sealed.


Athmer has been involved in the production of automatic door seals for more than 60 years. The company’s successful combination of experience, expertise and quality enables the continuous development and improvement of its product range. Offering the widest range on the market, Athmer has the right product for practically every type of application. In addition to automatic door seals for acoustic, smoke and fire protection doors, the range also includes seals for radiation protection doors and for doors with extreme gaps of up to 50 mm. Within the industry, the Athmer trademarks Kältefeind® and Schall- Ex®have become synonymous with automatic door seals.

The automatic door seals from Athmer support the principles of sustainable and energy-efficient building. They reduce CO2 emissions and make a real contribution to the eco-balance of a building. They also comply with the recommendations regarding barrierfree building and ensure that people who are elderly or have physical disabilities have comfortable and safe access to buildings and rooms.

For more than 30 years now,Athmer Finger Protection® has been preventing fingers from becoming trapped between doors and frames. Athmer offers a wide variety of possible solutions to ensure that automatic doors and doors in kindergartens can be used safely. Athmer finger protection systems are also suitable for use with fire doors and smoke protection doors.


The new Stadi Family

  • clearly improved sound insulation value up to 54dB
  • additionally smaller dimensions (up to 17/17)
  • Improved maintenance, easy disassembly of the inner rail to change the sealing profile
  • sliding actuator
  • optional: preparation for concealed flush bolt

Rundumdicht Pivot L-15

  • complete sealing system for modern pivot point doors
  • for single-wing wooden pivot doors
  • effective sealing against noise, smoke, draught and smells
  • four-sided sealing system without compromising on appearance
  • special roller actuator allows the door to be opened in both directions

Rundumdicht Universal M-12

  • complete sealing system for single-wing sliding doors made of wood, metal and glass running in front of the wall
  • effective sealing against noise, smoke, draught and smells
  • four-sided sealing system without compromising on appearance
  • sealing betw. door and frame by magnetic sealing system prevents the rattling of the door in case of pull- and pressure effect self-locking system without additional lock/hold

NR-32 UniSafe®

  • CLICKsystem for quick & safe mounting / demounting
  • fits on all type of doors
  • external use with same DESIGN
  • ram protection
  • new standard length up to 3,000 mm

BU-K+ hinge-side protective profile

  • easy and secure fitting with 2D fixing element
  • für gefälzte Türen mit Holz- oder Metallzargen
  • for rebated doors with wooden or metal frames
  • safe installation and secure fit with a maximum gap of 4 mm in accordance with DGUV regulations

System solution for glass doors

  • NR-32 UniSafe® GLASS & Protective Profile BSG1 / BSG2
  • architectural continuous solution
  • suitable for wooden or metal frames, and glass side elements
  • easy & quick mounting

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