The Porti® door opening restrictor stops and brakes the door at any position you wish and so effectively guards against the hazards and damage caused by opening doors.

It is designed for using with wooden and glass doors on metal or wooden door frames. The opening angle can be individually set as well as infinitely adjusted up to a maximum of 120 degrees.

By using the Porti®, it is possible to dispense with door stops on the floor that pose tripping hazards and get in the way during cleaning.

The Porti® is therefore ideal for rooms with floor heating. This makes the Porti® a safe and accident-free solution with a high standards of design, hygiene and barrier-free accessibility. It is particularly suitable for use in hotels, public buildings, banks and doctors’ surgeries.

  • Prevents hazards and damage caused by doors swinging back
  • Adaptive damping protects the door leaf and frame
  • Uniquely space-saving design
  • Easy to install
  • For retrofitting to metal door frames
  • Tripping hazards and unevenness are prevented
  • Ideal for areas with stringent hygienic requirements, and where appearance matters
  • Ideal for use in hotels, offices and doctors’ surgeries
  • Excellent for floors with underfloor heating

    No drilling necessary in the floor for door stops


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